Why Wear Barefoot Shoes?


What are barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes are different from ordinary footwear on the market, such as high heels, sneakers, leather shoes, etc. Wearing barefoot shoes, they do not restrict normal movement or posture in any way. As the name implies, your feet are free to move as if you were not wearing shoes. They focus more on the health of your feet and keep your feet strong and flexible. Saguaro’s philosophy is to make shoes that keep the whole family’s feet healthy.

Features of barefoot shoes

1. Thin and flexible sole: Our feet have numerous sensory nerves, and the thin sole allows better contact between the foot and the ground, allowing the foot to be fully massaged, thus promoting blood circulation. It allows freer and more unrestrained contact with the ground and movement on the ground. Have you ever been concerned about the degree to which your feet bend, twist and balance in athletic situations? A shoe with a stiff sole will greatly restrict the natural movement of the foot. Therefore, lighter shoes play a vital role in natural walking.

2. Light quality: If you get used to barefoot shoes and feel their lightness later, you will notice how much weight your feet were previously carrying, then you will never be able to go back to regular footwear.

3. No arch support and flat soles: Perhaps flat feet can cause some physical problems. But if you put support on your arch, it will deprive your muscles of the opportunity to work. It holds your foot in place. It may take a while to get rid of the arch support, but it is very helpful for the long-term health of your feet.

4. Wide toe box: Common footwear is often designed to focus on aesthetics at the expense of foot comfort. Saguaro barefoot shoes have a naturally shaped toe box so that your toes are not compressed and yet perform their natural function.

There are so many benefits of wearing barefoot and minimalist shoes. Whether you enjoy running, hiking, or wearing lightweight, flexible shoes, switch to footwear with less cushion that is truly good for you.

Minimalist, barefoot shoes help you feel the ground and, at the same time, keep your feet safe. They specifically have a thin sole to give a good ground feel and provide enough cushion.

Footwear designed with thin soles is naturally lightweight and zero-drop. It has no raised heel bed or added padding around the arch but still looks great and feels comfortable to wear.

To help you decide to transition to minimalist and barefoot footwear, here are some of the fantastic benefits of wearing barefoot shoes.

Benifits of barefoot shoes

  • Enhanced running speed – studies have shown that wearing them can increase speed by 4% compared to wearing regular shoes.
  • Blood circulation – With each step, all parts of your foot are in contact with the ground to varying degrees, and multiple muscle tissues are stimulated by the blood flowing through the venous system.
  • Reduce ankle sprains – during direct frictional contact with the ground, reduce the occurrence of such cases of ankle sprains due to the force applied to the ankle during twisting.
  • Reduces the appearance of external shin splints – External shin splints (painful phenomenon along the tibia after an athlete has strained the long toe flexors), iliotibial fascia syndrome, and suburban patellofemoral pain are common conditions in athletes. Barefoot running increases the use of the arch (mid-bottom) of the foot, increasing support for the work of the soft tissue structures of the foot, increasing the strength of the foot, reducing foot injuries and the appearance of this condition.
  • Correct toe deformation – ladies like to wear high heels, but wearing them all the time will make their feet hurt and become deformed.
  • Reduces back pain – reduces the phenomenon of heel lift, returns the hips to their natural course, and reduces the load on the small joints of the lower back.
  • Enhances proprioceptive action – Our feet can sense and transmit data back to our brains in a timpromptlyng us to better handle challenging terrain.
  • Strengthens muscles – if you don’t use it, it gets loose. Walking in five-finger shoes strengthens our foot muscles.
    Optimizes balance – Sharper perception feeds information to the brain promptly, meaning better balance and faster reactions. This is important for the elderly and athletes.

If you are new to barefoot and minimalist shoes, make sure to transition slowly to this type of footwear. Consider wearing your new shoes on alternate days for shorts periods to let your feet and body adapt to the changes. You can try five finger shoes first.

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