These Toe Shoes Give Me A Feeling Of “better late than never”


As a fitness enthusiast, having the right equipment is essential, and sometimes it’s necessary to update our gear.

I believe many people, especially when doing leg exercises like squats and hip bridges, prefer to train barefoot because regular shoes don’t allow for proper toe extension and provide low ground feel. During training, our feet undergo deformation due to the influence of gravity, requiring additional space for our toes. Therefore, ordinary shoes are not suitable. Choosing the right training shoes becomes crucial in fitness.

At first, I considered buying toe socks, but during my search, I accidentally came across these classic black toe shoes, which opened up a whole new world for me.

Firstly, these shoes are incredibly lightweight and provide excellent support. Due to long-term fitness training, my toes have become slightly swollen and deformed. However, these shoes didn’t make me feel restricted; instead, they improved the flexibility and freedom of movement in my toes. They also alleviate toe pressure and improve the alignment, promoting better foot health.

The ultra-thin 3.5mm sole design offers a perfect barefoot experience and helps exercise small muscles that are not usually targeted, enhancing explosive power. The thoughtful design of TPU film on both sides of the shoe sole provides excellent support during intense lateral movements. The round wheel design on the forefoot and heel of the sole offers better control.

The shoes are made of high-strength training fabric, which is lightweight, breathable, and prevents foot discomfort by quickly wicking away sweat during training. They are also durable and tear-resistant, making them suitable for heavy weightlifting.

These toe shoes truly give me a feeling of “better late than never.” I feel stable and well-protected while wearing them for training. I have already recommended them to my gym buddies. Don’t miss out, come and check them out:

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