Women’s Colorful 5 Toe Shoes Lightweight Five Finger Running Shoes


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Five Finger Shoes Sizes

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365/5.5 Women2/2.5 Women5/5.5 Women23
376 Women3 Women6 Women23.5
386.5 Women | 6 Men3.5 Women | 5 Men7 Women | 5.5 Men24
397 Women | 6.5 Men4 Women | 5.5 Men7.5 Women | 6 Men24.5
407.5/8 Women | 7 Men4.5/5 Women | 6 Men8/8.5 Women | 6.5 Men25
418.5/9 Women | 7.5/8 Men5.5/6 Women | 6.5/7 Men9/9.5 Women | 7/7.5 Men25.5
429.5/10 Women | 8.5/9 Men6.5/7 Women | 7.5/8 Men10/10.5 Women | 8/8.5 Men26
439.5/10 Men8.5/9 Men9/9.5 Men26.5
4410.5 Men9.5 Men10 Men27
4511/11.5 Men10/10.5 Men10.5/11 Men28
4612 Men11 Men12 Men28.5
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Women's Colorful 5 Toe Shoes Lightweight Five Finger Running Shoes
This item: Women's Colorful 5 Toe Shoes Lightweight Five Finger Running Shoes
US Size
5/5.5 Women
6 Women
6.5 Women
7 Women
7.5/8 Women
1 × Five Finger Individual Toe Socks Non Slip Running Socks



  • The feet are free to move and engage the ground naturally, preventing muscle immobility and atrophy.
  • The sole of the shoe is thin and firm which allows for better proprioception and feedback from the ground.
  • Minimal or zero heel-to-toe drop, this allows the feet to be in a neutral position which supports a healthy posture and puts less stress on the joints.
  • The toes are not compressed but have room to spread, leading to better balance.
  • The stretch fabric upper offers your feet a cool and skin-friendly feel, with an easy slip-on entry.
  • Elastic Design: Adjust the fit of your water shoes quickly and effortlessly to improve stability, comfort, and non-slip protection.
  • Enhanced Abrasion-resistant rubber sole designs add traction and stability to wet surfaces allowing you to take on any adventure. These fivefinger shoes are actually ideal for running, hiking, Yoga, traning, not only for beach-wear.
  • Feature that allows the foot to easily slide in and out of the shoe without socks, thanks to the shoe’s utilization of fabrics and synthetic materails.


Item Type:Five Finger Shoes
Features:Non-slip, abrasion-resistant, breathable, easy to dry in water, light and durable
Colour:Color camouflage
Size:36, 37, 38, 39, 40
Upper Height:Medium
Heel Height:Flat
Upper Material:Elastic fiber + Mesh
Lining Material:Micro fiber
Outsole Material:Non-slip Rubber
Occasion:Sports and Casual
Season:Spring, Summer, Fall
Applicable Sports:running, training, hiking, sprinting


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Liz Forbes
Ready to buy my next pair....

Delivery was 4 weeks but well worth waiting for !! I get a lot of compliments on them it took 3 days to breake them in tho a little bit painful but omg I even feel better more energetic cuz it releases all the pressure on my spine unravels kinked Nervea??s by spreading toes apart. I love them and the customer service responds to u rt away IVAN is so nicee???e???

Natalie Aly
Amazing shoes, look cool and yunger

wow, first time using 5 fingers....amazing... In the first minute i thought that they are like socks and i was confused because i was not able to wear them properly....but from the second time is easy,comfortable...I love them.

Natalie Margaret
These shoes are amazing.

I bought two, get 15% off, so happy. I wear them barefoot; there is no need for socks. They are extremely comfortable. They are flexible, yet protect your feet. They actually have some arch support, in the way their soles are shaped to favor the parts of your feet that are supposed to have weight on them. You won't regret it.

Emmanuel Melville
Great for everyday and on the trails

I love these 5 finger shoes, they are comfortable, have good grip and they fit great. They also have a nice barefoot feel to them.

Wade Bartlett
Shoe was true to size

This pair of shoes was exactly what I needed. My trainer recommended a flat shoe so that I did not hyperextend certain muscles in my legs when working out. Nice looking, comfortable finger shoe that was true to size.

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