Men’s Fitness Training 5 Toe Shoes Knitted Elastic Upper Fivefingers

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Five Finger Shoes Sizes

If you usually wear EU size, please order according to European size.

365/5.5 Women2/2.5 Women5/5.5 Women23
376 Women3 Women6 Women23.5
386.5 Women | 6 Men3.5 Women | 5 Men7 Women | 5.5 Men24
397 Women | 6.5 Men4 Women | 5.5 Men7.5 Women | 6 Men24.5
407.5/8 Women | 7 Men4.5/5 Women | 6 Men8/8.5 Women | 6.5 Men25
418.5/9 Women | 7.5/8 Men5.5/6 Women | 6.5/7 Men9/9.5 Women | 7/7.5 Men25.5
429.5/10 Women | 8.5/9 Men6.5/7 Women | 7.5/8 Men10/10.5 Women | 8/8.5 Men26
439.5/10 Men8.5/9 Men9/9.5 Men26.5
4410.5 Men9.5 Men10 Men27
4511/11.5 Men10/10.5 Men10.5/11 Men28
4612 Men11 Men12 Men28.5


  • The feet are free to move and engage the ground naturally, preventing muscle immobility and atrophy.
  • The sole of the shoe is thin and firm which allows for better proprioception and feedback from the ground.
  • Minimal or zero heel-to-toe drop, this allows the feet to be in a neutral position which supports a healthy posture and puts less stress on the joints.
  • The toes are not compressed but have room to spread, leading to better balance.
  • Flyknit stretch fabric makes it easy to slip on and off for any foot shape.
  • Enhanced Abrasion-resistant rubber sole designs add traction and stability to wet surfaces allowing you to take on any adventure.
  • These fivefinger shoes are actually ideal for driving, running, indoor fitness, Yoga, traning etc.
Item Type:Five Finger Shoes
Features:Non-slip, abrasion-resistant, breathable, light and durable
Colour:5 colors
Size:35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45
Upper Height:Medium
Heel Height:Flat
Upper Material:Flyknit stretch fabric
Lining Material:Flyknit stretch fabric
Outsole Material:Non-slip Rubber
Occasion:Sports and Casual
Season:Spring, Summer, Fall
Gender:Men, Women
Applicable Sports:Climbing, jogging, outdoor training, hiking, yoga,driving, fitness

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Dale Dickins
I LOVE these little booties :)

Thanks team KK for making available something DIFFERENT in five fingers.. it's really refreshing to be able to choose really different styles, AND COLOURS!!

Still waiting to hear when you'll be making knee high boots, this style is perfect to have the sock part travel further up the calf.. maybe with a zip at the back. I'm IN whenever you need a test bunny :)

Madge Ernest
The quality is no problem and it is very comfortable!

The quality is no problem and it is very comfortable!

Dominic Jim

Fits true to size and very comfortable to wear

Monica Louis

It's useful. After the operation, I couldn't separate my three toes. My arches were high, my feet were everted, and my knees were buckled. I felt better after wearing them for a few days.

Violet Wright

I tried the shoes after wearing them for two days. I am satisfied with the shoes. They have good grip and are relatively stable for strength training. They are easy to put on and take off. There is a sliding feeling in the toes when stretching. Overall, they are very good.

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