Bunion Toe Separators for Overlapping, Gel Toe Bunion Corrector


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  • 【Comfortable and Elastic】Item comes with 2pcs/4pcs toe spacers, made of nylon and SEBS, wear-resistant, non-toxic, with good stability, heat resistance, high elasticity and compression without deformation. Make sure you are comfortable when use it.
  • 【Designed for Pain Relief】Bunion toe separators designed to help with those who suffer from Bunion, overlapping toes. Keeps painful areas from rubbing, gently realigns and straightens the toe, restores the natural shape of the toe. It’s the temporary solutions for bunion pain relief and great for use after bunion surgery.
  • 【Effective separation】Bunion toe spacer create a distance of about 0.6” between the two toes. With 2 toe tube ring which can wrap your toes securely, so you don’t have to worry about items slipping off your toes. Keep your toes effectively separated, without overlapping or squeezing, and comb your toes.
  • 【Easy to use】Gel pad with curvy design, simply stretch the band cloth gel bunion pads, slide the two toes into the two sleeves, and then adjust the comfort level of wearing it. The soft, lightweight material provides long-lasting cushioning that protects the toes when taking off shoes or wearing loose shoes, and doesn’t restrict circulation.
  • 【Some suggestions】We recommend use item when you wear loose and comfortable shoes. You can use toe corrector when you are at work, at home or at sleep. Hope this gel spacer can help you improve your symptoms and relieve your pain, looking forward to a pain free future.

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