How to Choose the Best Five Finger Shoes 2022?


Five Finger shoe is the result of years of meticulous research, product development, field testing, and biomechanical consulting. This footwear is so lightweight and flexible that it is able to conform to the precise contours of your foot – right down to a pocket for each individual toe. That’s why Five Fingers footwear is less like a shoe and more like a second skin on your foot.

The unique materials and advanced design technology make Five Finger Shoes the standard for the next generation of fitness enthusiasts.

How to Choose the Best Five Finger Shoes?

  • Natural Fit

Wide toe boxes of the best five finger shoes let your toes noe compressed but have room to spread, leading to better balance.

  • Natural Feel

The sole of the best five finger shoe is thin and firm. Flexible soles let your foot bend and flex naturally which allows for better proprioception and feedback from the ground.

  • Natural Motion

“Zero-drop” non-elevated heel for proper posture. The best five finger shoe allows feet to be in a neutral position and puts less stress on the joints, protecting your foot while giving your brain the feedback and stimulation your brain wants.

Here is a closer look at the 20+ Best Five Finger Shoes collection of 2022 from KK FIVE FINGERS.

1. Best five finger shoes: Unisex Five Fingers Barefoot Running Shoes With Toes Separated Training Five Toe Shoes

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The style of these shoes is the most popular in 2022, and black one is the best selling for both men and women.

4 Colors available: Black, Pink, Red, Orange

The stretch fabric upper offers your feet a cool and skin-friendly feel, with an easy slip-on entry. Enhanced Abrasion-resistant rubber sole designs add traction and stability to wet surfaces allowing you to take on any adventure. 

2. Best five finger shoes: Men’s Five Finger Shoes Breathable Ultra-light Outdoor Five Toe Shoes

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The Aviator five finger shoes is high quality and ultra-light, but the outsole is durable. As soon as your muscles adapt to the flexibility of your shoe, five finger shoes will get perfectly comfortable. 

3 Colors available: Black, Khaki, Grey

These shoes tend to be worn comfortably and efficiently for numerous physical activities, like hiking, yoga, kayaking, rock-climbing, weight training, trekking, and many more. They’ve also been made for daily use, especially for those who want to get his or her feet and ankles stronger. 

3. Best five finger shoes: Outdoor Camo Five Finger Shoes

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If you are barefoot enthusiasts these five finger shoes may just be the best thing since sliced bread.

3 Styles available: 

Black Camouflage Five Finger Shoes Outdoor Hiking Shoes

Men’s Outdoor Jungle Trails Five Toe Shoes

Grey Camouflage Five Finger Shoes Outdoor Hiking 5 Toe Shoes

If you are a lover of the outdoors and go barefoot every chance you get these shoes are a great way to protect your feet from damage. Returning to the natural movements of the feet and lower legs may even prevent common injuries to the knees and hips. It is important to note that while five finger shoes provide more protection than barefoot these are still thin soled shoes and glass or other extreme debris can penetrate the surface causing injury.

4. Best five finger shoes: 4 colors Classic Five Finger Shoes

(15% off with code: FF15)

These classic five finger shoes are great as they protect you from this but give you the feeling and benefits of walking barefoot. The benefits of barefoot living are numerous, but the main one is that barefoot is how humans have evolved to live over thousands, if not millions of years.

There is also a breathable style classic five finger shoes. These funky shoes have an individual toe pocket for each of your toes and along with a thin sole replicate the feeling of barefoot living without the immediate exposure to the ground that could cause your feet to become cut.

5. Best Five Finger Shoes: Breathable Five Finger Shoes

(15% off with code: FF15)

These red&black Breathable Five Finger Shoes are the basic equipments for barefoot runners that allows the runner more freedom in their pace not only in the beach or in areas with a soft composite track but also on asphalt and concrete road races. 

Color: Red & Black

No doubt barefoot running tries its best to protect you from injuries but it is advisable for people with previous foot surgery, clubfoot, injury to tendons or diabetic people that result in a numbness of the feet should be extremely careful while attempting barefoot running.

6. Best Five Finger Shoes: Women’s Stylish Five Toe Shoes

(15% off with code: FF15)

The Stylish of these Women’s  Five Toe Shoes is just the surface, and its intrinsic function is more powerful. They have enough space for toes to penetrate into the muscles of the feet, which can promote blood circulation, so that the entire foot can be exercised and stretched in all directions, and it can better express the new concept of human health. 

Colors: Rose Red, Pink

Habitual users of five finger shoes and other barefoot products have admitted that their balance and posture has improved tremendously along with no issues with shin splits, blisters and back pain that they used to have.

7. Best Five Finger Shoes: Aviator Breathable Five Toe Shoes Blue/Black/Fluorescent

(15% off with code: FF15)

This Aviator Brand five finger shoes is one of the best selling in this week: Non-slip, wear-resistant, breathable, support, balance, lightweight.

Color: Blue/Black/Fluorescent

Having such a lightweight shoe makes your fitness regime easier and much more effective. Your body movements become natural, as if you actually are going without footwear. That is better for your body, regardless of what activity you happen to be undertaking.

8. Best Five Finger Shoes: Fashion Leather Five Toe Shoes Waterproof Five Fingers Running Shoes

(15% off with code: FF15)

This men’s Leather Five Toe Shoes is very suitable for winter, the sole is very thick, a little hard but very non-slip, wear-resistant.

Color: black and white

Granted this is a very odd-looking shoe, but it is also a ground-breaking shoe that can help make every movement natural, healthy and strong. Each of your toes fits comfortably into its own area. This helps enhance your agility and balance. 

9. Best Five Finger Shoes: Aviator Blue/Black Camo Five Finger Shoes Rubber No-slip Toe Shoes

(15% off with code: FF15)

This is another style from Aviator Brand, very suitable for Sports and Casual. It’s aslo a great gift for the one who love barefoot walking. 

Outsole Material: Non-slip Rubber ,Color: Black Camo, Blue Camo

One question that is often asked is how can a shoe, which is so light, actually protect the feet. This is a very good question, as to look at the 5 Finger shoes you cannot immediately see how this is achieved. The answer is that your feet are entirely protected on the bottom with a patented rubber sole providing you with excellent feeling, grip and traction – and they are protected on top with strong, tear resistant fabrics and materials.

10. Best Five Finger Shoes: Men’s Individual Toe Shoes Durable Five Finger Running Shoes

(15% off with code: FF15)

These Men’s Individual Toe Shoes Durable Five Finger Running Shoes are not suitable for people with wide feet. They are very stylish and high-quality. They are definitely a good helper for outdoor sports. Of course, you can also wear them at home.

Color: Black, Grey

The studies are there, along with the science that shows how our body adapts to barefoot running. Not only is it a healthy alternative, but the money you save from running barefoot or grabbing a pair of five finger footwear is worth the while.

11. Best Five Finger Shoes: Pumps Five Finger Shoes with a strap

(15% off with code: FF15)

These pumps Five-finger shoes are shaped separately according to the shape of five toes. The upper is made of five independent toes stitched by breathable fabric. The 5 toes are separated from each other. They are soft, comfortable and dry, inhibits bacterial infection, and prevents the athlete’s foot.

Styles: Camo, Black, Sequins, Leopard-print

12. Best Five Finger Shoes: Women’s Five Finger Yoga Shoes Ladies Dance Shoes Pilates Toe Shoes

(15% off with code: FF15)

These FiveFingers footwear for yoga and Pilates features a thin sole that allows optimum flexibility and an increased range of motion, while keeping otherwise bare feet protected. They provide a much-needed hygienic alternative to being barefoot in a yoga studio. The limited selection of barefoot shoes have all been designed so they are incredibly lightweight and well ventilated to be breathable and flexible enabling them to move with the wearer’s foot.

Colors: pink, purple, blue, Orange, Beige

This is an introduction to the Best Five Finger Shoes Of 2022. Some people try barefoot shoes out of pure curiosity and end up not wanting to take them off anymore. No wonder, fivefinger shoes are not only good for their feet, but they are also surprisingly comfortable. Shop the best five finger shoes of 2022 at KK FIVE FINGERS. 

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