How Five Finger Footwear Relieves Arthritis Knee Pain?

How Five Finger Footwear Relieves Arthritis Knee Pain

Footwear no doubt is highly important and plays a vital role for preventing and treating Arthritic Knee Pain. The footwear that you wear must be appropriately sized so that several problems aroused in the foot and legs can be avoided. So, shoes are a matter of concern and could be one of the major reasons for causing joint pain. So, beware while selecting the right shoes for your foot.

Anatomy of the foot
The knee and the foot are the complicated parts of the body whose functionalities are interlinked. Problems in the foot are generally one of the causes for Knee pain. According to the study the human foot consists of 33 joints, 26 bones and numerous ligaments, tendons and muscles that form the constant support for the body. The knee that helps in absorbing the force between the lower and the upper leg is formed by the upper end of the shinbone and the lower end of the thighbone or femur. The support of the knee is attained by the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

What kinda features footwear must possess?
If a person has joint pain from arthritis then the footwear must be flat, flexible, and wide with non-rigid soles so that lessen the stress level of your joints and making you to feel comfortable. Due to the ill-fitting shoes, the pain persists so beware of the features while selecting the right shoes for you.

Best Shoes for Knee Pain
Arthritic Joint pain is one of the major and common sources for the disability affecting the quality of life. Some of the best shoes for supporting knee arthritis can be like:
• Flat shoes for walking (such as five finger shoes)
• Clogs
• Good athletic shoe that prevents from rolling of the foot
• Extra depth shoe with removable soles
• Stretchable shoes

As people with arthritis are likely observed to suffer from foot deformities, stiffness, swelling so, it’s worthy if they wear shoes that possess the above mentioned characteristics. Many people with arthritis opt for cushy shoes as it makes comfortable for walking and are effective for Arthritis joint pain. Stretchable shoes are a better option for fitting around the toe area so it experiences less pressure. The shoes must provide proper arch support to reduce the foot joint strain thereby preventing from any damage or inflammation that is caused due to arthritis.

A good arthritic shoe should be designed such that it minimizes the strain and gives support to the foot arc so that it restricts the foot from flattening and weakening the cartilage. A special attention should definitely be given for the fitting of the shoes for not to be one of the victim for Arthritis Knee Pain.

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