• Aviator®️ 203 Individual Toe Shoes 5 Finger Shoes

    All - Five Finger Shoes $89.90
  • Black Five Finger Shoes Breathable Running Shoes

    All - Five Finger Shoes $79.99
  • Black Unisex Aviator Non-slip Five Finger Running Shoes

    All - Five Finger Shoes $88.90
  • Aviator Breathable Five Toe Shoes Blue/Black/Fluorescent

    All - Five Finger Shoes $89.90
  • Cool Luminous Five Finger Shoes (Halloween Limited Edition)

    All - Five Finger Shoes $119.00
  • Classic Running Shoes 5 Toe Shoes

    All - Five Finger Shoes $79.99

Five Finger Running Shoes

The Five Finger Running Shoes design features individual toe slots that allow your toes to splay, which is a huge plus for runners who often feel crammed in traditional running shoes.

Five Finger Running Shoe is a versatile and flexible barefoot running shoe, it can be worn on the roads or trails, but also works well for cross-training, walking, and other activities.

With barefoot five finger running shoes, your feet are no longer artificially protected and will let you know sooner if something is going wrong.

It’s a change you’ll need to make slowly, but is well worth the effort. KK FIVE FINGERS offers 2022 the most popular Five Finger Running Shoes: comfort, versatility, affordability, and performance.

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