Barefoot Running – How to Be Healthy Without Shoes

Barefoot Running - How to Be Healthy Without Shoes

Barefoot running is more effective than you running with shoes. It is because the running shoes force your feet to strike unnatural way. So, you may experience hip, knee, ankle and foot pain. When you decided to perform barefoot jogging, you will make your body stepping in a natural way. So, you can reduce the risk of ankle pain.

If you are a beginner, start it slowly. Don’t too force yourself to accomplish the normal distance like you running with shoes. Do few barefoot walks before you start to jog; it helps you to get used to feel the ground. After you get used to feel the ground, jog in small step until you feel comfortable with the condition. Then, you may jog as you usually do.

Since you are just started a barefoot running, don’t avoid hard surfaces. When you are running with shoes, you can jog on the hard surfaces, such as asphalt without any problems. So, it is important for you to get used your feet with hard surfaces. It might take times to train your feet step on hard surfaces, but soon you will get used to stride on any surfaces.

On the other hand, when your feet step on soft surfaces, hit it hard with heel. This method may strengthen your feet and useful when you strike on harder textures. As a beginner, try to hit on different surfaces to get used your feet in barefoot jogging. The various surfaces may train your nerve to feel the textures and help blood circulation.

However, if you like running and want to optimize the result, you may try barefoot running. It is a fun and interesting sport to do. You will minimize the injury that you may obtain from shoes and become healthier. Although it needs time to get used your feet with the surfaces, but you can switch it. A day you wear shoes, next day you jog without shoes.

But running barefoot always has certain risks, you can try five-finger shoes: just like being barefoot, the flexible soles let your foot bend and flex naturally which allows for better proprioception and feedback from the ground.

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