A Beginner’s Guide to Five Finger Shoes


Trying on Five Finger shoes for the first time can be a daunting, even embarrassing task. Once you’ve plucked up the courage or the support entourage to make it to your shoe shop, I want you to be prepared for what is coming your way. The following is a step-by-step guide to trying on the ever-popular Five Finger barefoot shoe.

1. Choose a shoe: Fivefingers makes a plethora of styles from which to choose, each unique in intended use. For example, soft soles are more suitable for indoor, running or slow walking, hard shoes are suitable for outdoor hiking, climbing, boots are suitable for winter, etc.

2. Know Your Size: When choosing five-finger shoes, you should choose a size smaller than the size you usually wear, but it is best to follow the size chart in case the size you choose is inappropriate. It is best to choose according to the length of your feet.

3. Toes First: For many,getting your toes in can be the most difficult part of the FiveFinger process. Begin by sliding your toes and forefoot in the shoe. Position the toes just before each toe slot and plant your foot on the ground. Now wiggle. Use your fingers as much as you can to guide your toes to their perspective places. You may have to count your toes. Don’t be shy, count ’em!

4. Heel in and Adjust: Once the toes are in slide the rest of the shoe under your heel and adjust all the straps to your liking. Some styles have more secure holds than others so make sure you have found them all!

5. How They Should Fit: Once you’re over the initial shock of their aesthetics, step away from the mirror and direct your focus to your feet. Your Five Finger Shoes might not be fitting correctly if there is extra space at the end of toes, a heel is rubbing or there is uncomfortable tightness anywhere on the shoe. The five finger shoes are meant to fit your foot like a glove, so make sure the shoes fit snugly. If you’re not sure, try on another size.

6. Take Them for a Spin! Now that you’ve stood in one place and determined how the shoes feel on your feet, test them out! If you’re going to be running…run! Walk around, twirl, boogie or hop in your five finger shoes and make sure you can feel yourself wearing these for your activities.

Remember that five finger shoes may take some effort to get into at first, but this gets easier with time and practice like anything worth doing.

Similarly, you will need to break your body into barefooting, especially if you are planning to run in your new shoes. You will want to wear them 24-7, but take it easy for the first few weeks and let your body adapt to this new way of exploring the world. When you find the right style, size, and fit for your feet, you’re ready to rock the barefoot movement my friend!

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