9 Health Benefits of Going Barefoot

9 Health Benefits of Going Barefoot

Shoes or foot wear have become an integral part of our lifestyle. In our society, there are many places where a formal foot wear becomes a passport for entry. However one is surprised to observe that only around one fifth of the world population wears them. All those who do not wear are not necessary the ones who cannot afford them, but they simply don’t like to wear them by choice. Sounds strange? Yes! But true.

Why do people enjoy being barefoot, are there any health benefits of walking barefoot, is this sociably an acceptable style and so on. I chatted with a couple of doctors, naturopaths and yoga gurus and was pleasantly surprised to find that contrary to the general beliefs, there are far greater advantages being barefooted than with footwear.

Here are some important advantages of leading a barefoot lifestyle.

  1. Clear You Mind and Rejuvenates Your Body

Could you recall what all came under your shoes when you walked two blocks from your office to the store, no. Yes you cannot recall a detailed account that the sole of your shoe encountered walking on the road or the pavement. However, when you walk barefoot, every experience that your sole of the feet, your forefoot or the heel feels goes straight to your mental senses and you can feel the hard cold surface, the soft grass or the sharp bulging edge of a small stone. Walking barefoot therefore gives your mind a recognition exercise. Forces you to focus on things. It clears your mind through stirring your awareness of things and objects below your feet. In the whole process, this mental recognition exercise rejuvenates all faculties of your body, leaving you fresh, experienced and enriched.

  1. Natural Reflexology

Reflexology is the science of healing through rejuvenating the reflex points in our body. Feet and palm in our body house very important reflex points which control the functioning of various organs in our body. When we walk barefoot, we feel pressure on these reflex points due to the natural contours, undulations and type of surface that comes in contact with the foot. The feeling of pain at a particular point refers to the state of health of that particular organ. With prolonged application of this natural pressure, the tenderness in the feet gets healed. Thus walking barefoot is an excellent source of natural reflexology.

  1. A Natural Yogic Exercise For Foot

What do various yogic exercises or poses do to our body. Yoga helps in strengthening and rejuvenating our muscles, ligaments and tendons. Similarly when you walk barefoot, your foot muscles are constantly stretching and twitching. This mild exercise is enough to strengthening your muscles, the same that yoga does.

  1. Induces Sound Sleep

Barefoot walking is known to be a natural cure for insomnia. Contact of sole of the foot with green lawn grass early in the morning is the best natural therapy for sleeplessness. It also refreshes the sole skin.

  1. It’s Earthing and Grounding

Have you ever tried to walk on a beach with your footwear? I am sure no. Why? Because not only it feels good but when your foot is in contact with the wet or moist sand your feet gets negative ions, which are basically found in water. These negative ions are known to effectively detoxifying the body, calm and soothe our nervous system and regulate the rhythm.

Earthing also reduces the surface charge of red blood cells which helps in reducing the thickness of blood, thereby reducing the chance of a cardiac condition.

  1. Reduces Anxiety

Although there is no medical or scientific proof, barefoot walking seems to reduce conditions on anxiety and even depression. Walking barefoot is known to help releases endorphins making you feel good and happy.

  1. Embraces Nature

Walking barefoot not only gives you all the above health and healing benefits, but also puts you in direct contact with the Mother Nature. It allows you to soak and absorb in you the nontoxic elements of nature, the earth and the atmosphere around. Your foot gets in direct contact with the strong positive magnetic aura of the earth, charging your body with positivity.

  1. Improves Body Balance

Yes, walking or standing barefoot improves your body balance. When you are barefoot, all your toes are in contact with the surface below, earth, ground or grass. This gives you a better grip as all your toes are working together to maintain the balance. People who practice wrestling or martial arts use this technique to balance their body.

  1. Feel Your Freedom

With shoes or any footwear, your feet are caged in a cover. You feel cramped. When you are barefoot, your feet give you a sense of freedom; even your mind reacts to that sense of freedom and sends positive vibrations throughout the body. You must have felt the coolness of a polished marble floor and the warmth and softness of a carpeted floor. The feet also recognize if the carpet is warm or cold if it is made of silk. This ability of recognition becomes your strength and gives you the power of freedom. You feel elated.

Having seen the wonders that barefoot walking can do to our mental and physical health and wellbeing; I wonder if people will still have a reason to ask why David Wood is barefoot most of the time and especially on stage?. The answer is in his great success, mental alertness, ability to reason, free and extempore expression of thoughts and willingness to share and give.

If you have decided to get your freedom, piece of mind, rejuvenation and create your new lifestyle, take a barefoot stroll here!

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