80+ Best Running Blogs in 2020


Wanting to be a good runner, lose weight or dreaming of crossing the finish line in a new record time means nothing unless you have the motivation to make it a reality. To know more knowledge about running, check out the 100 best running blogs.

1. Women’s Running Magazine

About Blog Women’s Running is the world’s largest women-specific running magazine. We cover all aspects of the running lifestyle. Women’s Running focuses on providing editorial content focused on running, fitness, nutrition and wellness to the ever-growing community of women runners.

2. Men’s Running Magazine | Running News, Tips, Reviews

About Blog Men’s Running Magazine is your guide to the latest news, top training tips, kit reviews and race previews. Whether you’re a beginner, or ultra afficionado, Men’s Running is here to help.

3. RunningPhysio Tom | Running Physio Blog

About Blog RunningPhysio is a site to help you manage your running injuries. Tom is a physiotherapist with over 10 years of experience and a very keen runner! He graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in 2002 and since then has worked in clinics in the UK and overseas. Its aim is to offer expert advice in preventing and managing running injuries.

4. RunToTheFinish | Amanda Brooks Running Blog

About Blog Amanda Brooks Running Blog is a Researched Running Blog Designed to Help You. It is a place to find motivation for whatever healthy change you’re trying to make, especially with running.

5. Running Warehouse Blog

About Blog Running Warehouse is America’s Finest Running Specialty Store. One of our other goals is to provide in-depth education about running shoes, running apparel and accessories, along with resources to help you train and perform better. Our blog is a prime educational resource for the running community, offering regular sneak peeks of upcoming running shoes, apparel and other products.

6. Jason Fitzgerald Running Blog | American Running Blog

About Blog Jason Fitzgerald’s Blog provide actionable running advice, motivation, and coaching for distance runners who want to see results.

7. Women’s Running Magazine

About Blog The UK’s first running magazine for women. Women’s running training advice for 5K, 10K, half-marathons and marathons, female-specific kit reviews, women’s running shoe reviews and more from Women’s Running magazine.

8. Brooks Blog | Inspirational Running Blog

About Blog A team united by one purpose: To inspire everyone to run and be active. At Brooks, they take running and running technology pretty seriously. Their specialized high-tech features are what really set their running shoes apart.

9. Another Mother Runner by Denise, Sarah, Jonna and Dimity

About Blog A community of and resources for all mother runners. A supportive space for women runners of all speeds to (virtually) gather to be enlightened and entertained. No topic too basic or too much information.

10. Science of Running | Houston Running Blog | Cross Country Coach Blog

About Blog Running blog by Steve Magness. Steve is a performance coach, author, and lecturer. He currently serves as a coach to almost 20 professional runners, is the Head Cross Country coach at the University of Houston and a Lecturer of Strength and Conditioning at St. Mary’s University, UK.

11. New York Times Running Blog

About Blog Follow us to keep up with news and articles on Running from the New York Times.

12. Guardian Running Blog

About Blog The running blog is The Guardian’s blog on all things running, from jogs around the park to ultra marathons.

13. Canadian Running Magazine

About Blog Canadian Running Magazine for running news, nutrition & training tips, gear and race reviews for the Canadian running community.

14. DC Rainmaker by Ray Maker

About Blog Ray Maker Likes Swimming, Running and Biking. His little slice of the internet, dedicated to endurance sports and sports technology. In-Depth product reviews, running and triathlon goodness, and slices of his day to day life.

15. RunnerClick | Running Shoes Review Blog

About Blog Running Gear, motivation, Nutrition, Racing are just a few of the topics we blog about on Runnerclick.

16. Running Shoes Guru | Running Shoes Blog

About Blog Running shoes advice? Reviews, buying guides and price comparison on the best running shoes plus hundreds of opinions from other runners.

17. Runners Connect by Jeff Gaudette | Boston Running Blog

About Blog Runners Connect is a community of expert coaches that provide custom and dynamic training plans tailored specifically to your abilities, pace and goals.

18. No Meat Athlete | Vegan Running Blog | Running Blog Naturally

About Blog How a Plant-Based Diet Can Make You Fitter, Faster and Happier in life.

19. The Wired Runner

About Blog The Wired Runner was born out of our desire to help demystify what GPS watches do and don’t do. But our goal still remains the same: to be able to make a smart choice when buying a watch. And as we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our reviews to any type of gear a runner might need. This includes clothing, gear, and running shoes! We hope that we can help provide great running advice that propels you on your quest to exercise, lose weight, run a marathon, train better, have fun, or whatever else you do!

20. Believe In The Run | Thomas and Meaghan

About Blog Believe in the Run provides running reviews including running shoe reviews, running gear reviews, running race reviews, and general running information. They strive to provide honest reviews that runners can trust when making their gear choices.

21. Run Society | Asia’s Leading Online Running Magazine

About Blog Running magazine that delivers everything on running, such as current sporting events and running news in Asia, editorial content, training, health tips, professional running race resources and running events calendar for runners.

22. Oiselle Running and Athletic Apparel for Women | Fashion Running Blog

About Blog A fresh take on women’s running apparel. We believe you should run in what you love! Shop running shorts, tees, pants, and more.

23. The Runner’s World UK Podcast

About Blog Runner’s World is the UK’s largest and best running website and magazine and this is our podcast, a monthly chat about all things running including interviews, advice, in-depth discussion and much, much more.

24. Road Trail Run

About Blog Road Trail Run focuses on in-depth early running shoes and gear reviews.

25. The Hungry Runner Girl

About Blog Welcome to The Hungry Runner Girl! My name is Janae and I love to run. I started running when I was 12 years old with my older sister. Follow along as I share my running experiences, family adventures, love for food, my family, the highs and lows of life, and tell you each and every random thought that I have.

26. Carrots ‘N’ Cake by Tina | Healthy Running blog | Food and Running Blog

About Blog Carrots ‘N’ Cake is where Tina shares her love of food, staying fit, and living a healthy life. While she tries to pack the most nutrients possible into each meal, she have a number of favorite foods that are not necessarily ‘healthy’, but are still delicious and fun to eat.

27. Taking the Long Way Home | Wendy’s Running Blog | Elite Running Blog

About Blog Taking the Long Way Home is a blog about running and training and pushing beyond your limits. Wendy has been a runner most of her adult life. She had started running over 20 years ago for stress relief and was amazed with the results, both mental and physical.

28. Jeff Galloway’s Blog

About Blog Learning how to run until you’re 100 with coaching and training by Jeff Galloway.

29. Japan running news

About Blog The world’s window into elite japanese distance running, since 2007

30. Marathon Investigation | Marathon Running Blog

About Blog To work with runners and race officials to analyze race results and detect course cutters, bib swappers and other questionable results.

31. Brett Larner | Japan Running Blog

About Blog Brett Larner, born in Canada, grew up in the USA, and have lived in Japan since 1997. His blog provides news and information about elite japanese distance running.

32. Canada Running Series

About Blog Canada Running Series (CRS) is Canada’s premier running series, composed currently of eight races from Quebec to British Columbia. Their blog is a selection of Canada’s best runs.

33. Salty Running | Laura Pizmoht Running Blog

About Blog Salty Running is a resource for women runners seeking to improve their training and racing. They are here for women who take athletics seriously and want to learn how to run better, no matter what the pace. If you want to be a better, smarter, stronger, or faster runner then Salty Running is for you.

34. FitnessFatale

About Blog I’m Nicole. I’m a runner, mom to three girls (including twins!), and fitness lover who attempts to live a life of balance as a pizza, craft beer and coffee lover. I live and train near the ocean in San Diego and always keep it real here – there are lots of failures along with my successes in these pages, but what you’ll never see me do is give up!

35. Charlie’s Running Blog | The Runner Beans

About Blog British running and fitness blog. Charlie is a Registered Dietician in training, blogging about life, health, fitness, travel and food. UK running blogger aiming to run all the Marathon Majors.

36. POGO Physio Gold Coast

About Blog Gold Coast Physio Blog. We share physio and pilates information to help Gold Coasters perform at their physical best and do the physical things they love.

37. Ali On The Run

About Blog Ali does a great job of sharing her running life and how it intertwines with the rest of her life. New runners might enjoy Alis post on how she started running and the impact it has made on her life.

38. Dr. Nick’s Running Blog | Running Injury Blog

About Blog Running injuries, foot pain, shoes, heel pain, this blog is a source for all running related questions. He is a podiatrist in Akron, OH specializing in foot and ankle surgery with an interest and enthusiasm for running as well as helping runners with injuries.

39. Chi Running Blog

About Blog Maximize the benefits of running and greatly reduce your chances of injury. Running can be fun, especially when you learn to do it well.

40. FueledByLOLZ | Running Half marathon Blog

About Blog FueledByLOLZ is all about running & laughing through the Garden State. She is particularly enjoying the half marathon distance.

41. KookyRunner

About Blog Running. Blogging. Fitness. Food. Runcations.

42. Healthy Kids Running Series

About Blog The Healthy Kids Running Series was established in 2009 to combat childhood obesity by providing a fun, motivational and educational atmosphere in the world of running.

43. Pavement Runner

About Blog Running blog by pavement runner.

44. Crazy Running Girl | Lora | Cool Running Blog

About Blog Crazy Running Girl is a blog following the adventures of Lora as she balances marathon training with life in Austin, TX. It is all about the life of a girl who used to hate running and now does it for fun (with 20 marathons down).

45. RunnerDude’s Blog by Thad McLaurin

About Blog A running blog providing running, fitness, training, racing, and nutrition tips, ideas, plans, suggestions, and recipes for runners of all ability levels.Anything & Everything about Running. Certified running and fitness coach Thad McLaurin hosts and writes the popular RunnerDude’s Blog.

46. Trail Runner’s Blog | Scott Dunlap | Adventure Running Blog

About Blog Scott Dunlap’s blog of trail running, ultrarunning, triathlon, and other life adventures. He enjoys the physical, emotional, and spiritual journey of outdoor events and the chance to meet cool people. This blog contains interviews, research, original fiction, new product ideas, and all things trail running.

47. Running Mums Australia | Nicole Bunyon

About Blog Nicole Bunyon is the Founder of Running Mums Australia. It is an Australian wide running network for mums who love to run. Our aim is to encourage, equip and empower you, as a mum and a runner in your running journey. It has been created to champion the everyday woman.

48. Fell Running Guide | Dave Taylor | Mountain Running Blog

About Blog Fell Running Guide provides guided running, coaching and navigation training for trail and fell runners. Dave Taylor is Fell Running Guide, providing specialist training for trail, fell and mountain runners. He is a 2015 V50 English Fell Running Champion.

49. 300 Pounds and Running | Fat man Running Blog | Obese running Blog

About Blog Self-improvement blog for overweight individuals with articles on weight loss, getting healthy, physical fitness, running, recipes, meal plans, chasing values and crushing goals.

50. Trail Running Movement

About Blog The 1st international portal dedicated to Trail Runners. We support Trail Runners of all levels to achieve their personal goals, offering practical advice, services and products selected by experienced professionals who practice the sport on a daily basis.

51. Diary of a Rubbish Marathon Runner by Thomas

About Blog Thomas is married to Niamh and a father to four children between ages 8 and 14. This blog is about him running in the beautiful area of Caragh Lake, Kerry, Ireland.

52. Too Fat to Run | The Fat Girls Guide To Running | Overweight Running Blog

About Blog The Fat Girls Guide to Running is the No.1 site for advice, support and resources for overweight runners proving that there is no such thing as Too Fat to Run, so grab your trainers and get out the door now.

53. Anna The Apple by Anna Smith-James

About Blog Anna The Apple is a blog about the life of a girl who loves apples and running. Running is a big passion for Anna. She prefers longer distances.

54. Fat Girl to Ironman | Running Motivation Blog

About Blog My five year journey to awesomeness…Follow my journey from being a non-swimming, novice cyclist with limited running ability to completing an iron distance triathlon.

55. I Am Running This | Kelly Caiazzo

About Blog Kelly is half-marathoner who started out with couch-to-5k and who knows that you can love running at any pace or distance. She is here to help you stay inspired on your running journey, and figure out what running can do for you.

56. Flat Feet Comfort

About Blog FlatFeetComfort is a blog that mainly focuses on Shoes and offers reviews, deals and news regarding best shoes in different categories. We update our blog constantly with latest and advanced shoes and other related accessories. We launched this blog on October 1, 2014 to make sure consumers looking for best shoes get exactly what they need.

57. Rock Creek Runner

About Blog Rock Creek Runner helps runners of all levels discover what running can mean to them. Run strong, run long, and have fun.

58. Kikay Runner | Philipines Women’s Running Blog

About Blog Kikay Runner is one of the Philippines’ top websites about running and triathlons. My Mission is To challenge myself by training and racing well and to inspire others to take up an active lifestyle

59. The Girl’s Got Sole

About Blog Personal blog of Shannon Chenoweth. Runner, cyclist, fitness-lover, writer and photographer.

60. Lunges and Lycra | Women’s Fitness Blog

About Blog Lunges and Lycra is a UK-based blog for women who like sweating, fitness and the odd nip of gin. The blog features workouts, interviews, class and race reviews, cool fitness happenings, rundowns of swanky new kit and occasionally the odd recipe or two. 

61. Road Runner Chick

About Blog Taushah talks about her life experiences, upcoming wedding and all things running. Having completed 28 half marathons, 20 full marathons and one ultra marathon she is looking forward to her first 50 miler in 2019. The upcoming year has lots of races on the calendar and a lot of PRs are part of her 2019 goals.

62. Lazy Girl Running

About Blog Laura Fountain is a Marathon and ultra runner, triathlete, personal trainer and run coach. Loves teaching people to run. Her blog contains updates from her running classes and coaching, a weekly podcast which features inspirational athletes and runners and advice on how to keep going.

63. She Can & She Did Blog

About Blog She Can And She Did is storytelling platform dedicated to building a community of unapologetic, vulnerable, ambitious, diverse, and unified women by Kelly Roberts. From how to start running and funny running memes to career and family advice and body image and weight loss, sharing our stories can be an incredible vehicle for change. Meet She Can & She Did, the stronger version of the running blog Run, Selfie, Repeat.

64. Trail Running Blog | Running Blog South Africa

About Blog RunTrail.co.za is a dedicated trail running platform launched in 2011 for one reason, the love of trail running!

65. Barefoot Runners Society

About Blog Our mission is to offer resources that unite barefoot and minimalist runners from around the world. To promote barefoot running around the world and at race events as a competitive sport. To educate the public on the health benefits of barefoot running. Follow for more updates.

66. Run Steff Run | Steffany Rubel

About Blog Steffany Rubel started Run Steff Run blog to keep herself honest about her training and to try to help others in their journey.

67. RunLadyLike | Jesica D’Avanza

About Blog Jesica is a runner, triathlete and marathon coach on a mission to find my extraordinary and help you do the same.

68. Cork Running Blog | Ireland Running Blog

About Blog The Running in Cork blog is the largest website in Cork and Munster for news on road races and athletics. Included are a current race calendar, race previews, photos, results as well as some local, national and international news items.

69. An Athlete’s Body by Jay Dicharry

About Blog Jay Dicharry’s unique approach goes outside the traditional model of therapy and aims to correct imbalances before they affect your performance. Jay completed the Masters of Physical Therapy degree at Louisiana State University Medical Center.

70. 605 Running Co.

About Blog Running Specialty store located in Sioux Falls, SD. Our mission is to enhance the running community in the 605 area code by giving each customer an individualized experience that results in them achieving their fitness goals.

71. Dirty Old Sneakers

About Blog A community about running, training, fitness, cycling, racing and (rarely) swimming.

72. Running Myself Together

About Blog A running blog where the goal is to create a place, a community of supportive people who find peace in running. And to inspire those who face mental hurdles to lace up their running shoes and tackle their demons at hand.

73. Sparkly Runner | Sarah

About Blog When I was overweight, many people were shocked to learn I was a runner. I am living proof that you can’t outrun a bad diet. Weight Watchers helped me with my nutrition and my mental health immensely and I doubt I would have lost the weight without the program. As of January 2016, I will have completed training and become a Weight Watchers leader.

74. Like the Wind Magazine

About Blog The brand new Like the Wind running magazine is a collection of stories and beautiful visuals about running, written to inspire, motivate and move runners. It’s Not How To Run, It’s Why We Run – get yours now

75. RunbkRun | Fast Running Blog | Australian Running Blog

About Blog RunbkRun is an all thing running blog providing information on running tragic, running tips and wellness help. It also provides exercise involving mainly running from 5k, 10k, 21k, to marathons.

76. Funner Runner | Funny running Blog

About Blog I love to run and most importantly I love to have FUN while I run….I am the FUNNER RUNNER!

77. Lindsey Hein Running Blog

About Blog Glenn and Lindsey run a lot, they eat a lot and write about it along the way. they talk about training, racing, coaching and family.

78. Out for a Run

About Blog We run a lot, we eat a lot and write about it along the way. We talk about training, racing, coaching & family. Work works.

79. This Is How We Run

About Blog Keep up with articles from This Is How We Run.

80. Markgallmac | Scottish Running Blog

About Blog Yes, it’s another Scottish Running Blog. Why not have a wee read under “The blog”, quite a lot has gone on. Back in my teens in the 1980s I did quite a bit of running and represented Hamilton Harriers, Cambuslang Harriers, St Aloysius College , Glasgow University, Lanarkshire, West of Scotland and Scotland Juniors .

81. Insight Run Blog

About Blog Insight Run Blog is sharing insights acquired during running to guide other runners to becoming their own running experts.

82. Denty’s Running Blog

About Blog Follow us to keep up with Denty’s Running Blog.

83. Bluegrass Runner

About Blog The blog helps to get the word out about a great state for running and riding as well as share news from around the world mostly about running but also riding.

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