4 Tips for The First Try On Five Finger Shoes


When trying on five finger shoes, the first step is to untie the laces or velcro, straighten the toes into the five toe holes, and crawl the toes for half a step until all five toes enter the holes, then put on the heel.

Some people have deformed feet. When trying on five-toed shoes: You need to grip your 5 toes (one by one) into the five holes with your hands, and then slowly push them inside.

Although five fingershoes are difficult to wear for the first time, after wearing 3-5 times, they can be worn easily just like regular shoes! The following situations generally occur after the first try on five finger shoes:

1. After wearing them for about 20 minutes, the Yongquan Point generally will be slight heat, and the long-lasting warmth will rise from the soles of the feet. This is a manifestation of better physical fitness!

2. Some people feel burning and sweating in the soles of their feet, which is a manifestation of moisture regulation in the body. The symptoms will disappear after two or three days. Itching, blisters and ulceration can also cause burning. In this condition, the blisters will naturally fall off after 3-5 days, and the symptoms will disappear!

3. Try on five-toed shoes for a day or two, some people’s foot are slightly sore. That’s because the outsole structure stimulates your tendons, veins, and blood vessels to restore the natural barefoot feeling, persist for few days, this soreness disappears, and you will totally relax!

4. You don’t need to wear five-toed socks when trying on these shoes. You can also wear five-toed socks in cold seasons or after the shoes loose.

Most importantly, remember that FiveFingers are not right for everyone. For people with really flat fleet – officially called over-pronators – barefoot activities may put too much stress on muscles. If not conditioned slowly enough, especially when transitioning away from heelstrike running or from wearing shoes with an elevated heel, the sole of the foot or plantar fascia can become inflamed or damaged with activity. It recommended transition to use of the shoe be very slow and gradual.

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