10 Benifits of Five Finger Shoes


Have you heard of five finger shoes? What’s the benefits of five-finger shoes?

The stylish shape of five fingers is just the surface, and its intrinsic function is more powerful. They have enough space for toes to penetrate into the muscles of the feet, which can promote blood circulation, so that the entire foot can be exercised and stretched in all directions, and it can better express the new concept of human health. Five-finger shoes are shaped separately according to the shape of five toes. The upper is made of five independent toes stitched by breathable fabric. The 5 toes are separated from each other. They are soft, comfortable and dry, inhibits bacterial infection, and prevents the athlete’s foot. Let’s introduce 10 Benefits of Five Finger Shoes in detail.

1. Enhance running speed
Research shows that you can increase speed by 4% compared to wearing ordinary shoes.

2. blood circulation
After wearing five-finger shoes, each step of the foot touches the ground to varying degrees, and blood flowing through the venous system can stimulate multiple muscle tissues.

3. Reduce ankle sprain
During the direct frictional contact with the ground, reduce the ankle sprain caused by twisting the ankle

4. Reduce the appearance of external tibial clips
Tibial syndrome is a common condition in athletes. Barefoot running has increased the use of the arch of the foot (middle bottom), increased support for the soft tissue structure of the foot, increased foot strength, and reduced foot injuries.

5. Reduce Back Pain
Reduce heel lift, restore the hips to natural posture, and reduce the burden on lumbar joints.

6. Enhance proprioceptive
Our feet are able to perceive and pass data back to our brain in time, allows us to better cope with challenging terrain.

7. Strengthen Muscles
Walking in five-finger shoes strengthens our foot muscles.

8. Reduce the risk of mucus cysts
Traditional shoes press toes together. Five-finger shoes slowly stretched them out, encouraging big toe to work.

9. Optimizing balance
A keen sense can provide information to the brain in time, which means better balance and faster response. This is important for older people and athletes.

10. Correct toe deformity
Women like to wear high heels, but always wearing high heels will hurt and deform your feet. Five-finger shoes can improve this situation.

Five Finger Shoes – A must have for everyone. Walking barefoot now!

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