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Reduce transition time for sensitive feet, friction/hot spots, and odor from sweat, and increase thermal regulation.

Perfect for Yoga, Bikram, Pilates, Barre, Ballet, Gym, Studio Classes or Dance.

What Are Five Finger Shoes?

Five Finger Shoes are also called Five Foot Shoes; Toe Shoes. It claims to be the most comfortable ultra-thin shoes in the world.

Five finger shoes are made of neoprene to prevent ankle sprains. The five finger shoes are like the gloves worn on the hands, which are “foot covers” for the soles of the feet, they protect the skin of the feet. 

This kind of shoes is like the second layer of human skin, so that When the feet touch the ground, the reaction force is concentrated in the center of the sole of the foot instead of the heel, which helps maintain balance. Five-finger shoes are one of the best Barefoot Shoes that can effectively exercise the muscles of the feet and calves, thereby improving running posture and better preventing injuries.

Why Choose Five Finger Shoes?

Natural Fit
Wide toe boxes let your toes noe compressed but have room to spread, leading to better balance.

Natural Feel
The sole of the shoe is thin and firm. Flexible soles let your foot bend and flex naturally which allows for better proprioception and feedback from the ground.

Natural Motion
“Zero-drop” non-elevated heel for proper posture. This allows feet to be in a neutral position and puts less stress on the joints, protecting your foot while giving your brain the feedback and stimulation your brain wants.

Benefits Of Five Finger Shoes

1. Strength: Five finger shoes not only strengthen all the muscles in the foot, but they also help the foot develop in the correct way to prevent deformities. 
2. Better balance: Five finger shoes increase our sensory experiences of the ground beneath us, allowing the brain to develop new neural connections resulting in improved balance and stability. 
3. Pain-free: Long-term use of barefoot shoes can help your back pain disappear as it encourages good body-posture. 
4. Reflexology: There are many acupressure points on the feet connecting to different parts of the body. By stimulating these points, one can revitalize various body organs to improved energy, organ function, circulation etc.. 
5. Joy: Research has proven going barefoot lowers the blood pressure, overall tension in the body and the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

How Does Five Finger Shoes Protect Your Feet?

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Almost any person may put on five fingers shoes. Individuals with flat feet should probably exercise caution, because the footwear can be initially unpleasant. As soon as your muscles adapt to the flexibility of your shoe, five fingers footwear will get perfectly comfortable.

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